Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mystery beads

We got these beads some time ago from a customer who got them as a "take what you want" when she cleared out a shed that was going to be demolished.

Other than some partial tags on some of the strands which say "Made in Ecuador" and a note on one bag that says "'70's Ecuador" on it, I have no clue about them. I have searched the internet and have seen some similar from Africa, especially some of the bell shaped ones that are apparently spindle whorls, but nothing from Ecuador except some pre-Columbian artifacts.

I didn't get a chance to get to the Bead Museum here before it closed, so that avenue of research is also closed to me.

I'd appreciate any information anyone might have about their origin and value. I have a customer who is interested in purchasing them, but I don't want to give them away.

THANKS to anyone for any help!


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  2. We were treated like criminals as soon as we walked in the door, being asked to put our purses in a locker while in the store. Sorry but no. I will not give my hard earned money to a business that treats me like shit.

  3. Picture #4 looks to be pipestone (bauxite). Judging by the style and the grass cord it is strung on, it is most likely strung in Africa.